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Kefir: library for handling asynchronous data streams, reactively.

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How to start using kefir CDN

// Include the Kefir library
const Kefir = require('kefir')(window, 'Kefir'); // Assuming you're using a browser

// Create a Kefir stream
const sourceStream = Kefir.fromEvent(document, 'click');

// Map the click event to a string message
const clickToMessageStream = => 'Click event detected');

// Filter the message stream to only include messages that contain the word 'click'
const clickMessageStream = clickToMessageStream.filter(msg => msg.includes('click'));

// Combine the filtered stream with another stream (for example, a timer)
const combinedStream = Kefir.merge(clickMessageStream, Kefir.interval(1000).mapTo('Timer tick'));

// Subscribe to the combined stream and log the messages to the console
combinedStream.subscribe(msg => console.log(msg));

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