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Jsondiffpatch is a library for computing and applying the difference between two JSON objects.

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How to start using jsondiffpatch CDN

// Include the jsondiffpatch library
const Jsondiffpatch = require('jsondiffpatch/jsondiffpatch-min.js');

// Define the original JSON object
const original = {
  name: "John Doe",
  age: 30,
  hobbies: ["reading", "swimming"]

// Define the updated JSON object
const updated = {
  name: "Jane Doe",
  age: 35,
  hobbies: ["reading", "swimming", "painting"]

// Create a diff patch between original and updated objects
const diff = new Jsondiffpatch().diff(original, updated);

// Print the patch in a human-readable format
console.log(Jsondiffpatch.asText(diff, {
  indentSize: 2,
  showAdditionSubtraction: true

// Apply the patch to a new empty JSON object
const patched = new Jsondiffpatch().applyPatches(original, diff);

// Print the patched JSON object
console.log(JSON.stringify(patched, null, 2));

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